February 16, 2007

Videobloggers' Calendar :: Keeping a Community Together

Many articles on videoblogging tend to miss the aspect of the cohesive strength of our 2500-member community.

This Google calendar - created by Susan Kirkpatrick and managed by contributors Jay Dedman, Roxanne Darling, Devlon Duthie, Paul Knight, and Jan McLaughlin - is only one tool that helps us keep it together.

We tried any number of calendars, including our email list's native calendar through Yahoo!, but to no avail. Google's seems to be sticking.

Why? Because it's open. Folks to manage it are easily added, and anyone may subscribe.



Mike said...

Great :) I'm subscribed!

Christoffa said...

Also be aware that you can synchronize your calendar with your mobile device for free at www.goosync.com

Happy Syncing
Chris (GooSync)

Cheryl said...

How do I add something to the vlogger calendar? Just email you and ask you to add it?

The Faux Press said...

The more subscribers, the better, Mike.

@ Chris - will check out goosync.com for sure

@ Cheryl - That's been the methodology in the past, but I'm happy to add you as admin. Say the word :) Distributed production, sister.