February 17, 2007

Vlogosphere Demographics :: Thanks, Rocketboom!

Andrew from Rocketboom has regularly - and generously - shared tons of information with the videoblogging community about his process of making the daily hit show.

Enclosed with this post is his latest gem: a PDF of survey results created on Andrew's behalf by Rob of Podcast411.

Thanks Andrew.

Rocketboom is the first & most successful of videoblogs to rise from the ranks of the early adopters. His first partner - Amanda Congdon - was the first to cross over into the mainstream when she was hired to vlog for ABC News. And while Rocketboom was not the first videoblog to sport paid advertising (HERE's the first ever vlog ad), it was certainly the first to go BIG with advertising, netting $40K from an Ebay auction.

We thought the press corps would be interested.


February 16, 2007

Vloggers in the News

Let's see if this javascript will deliver all the Vloggers in the News to a post...

Fingers crossed - X.

FYI, I ran the Delicious tag 'vloggersinthenews' through FeedDigest.

FeedDigest generates customizable RSS output (javascript, PHP, etc.) you can use elsewhere. Very cool.

That method is used to dynamically present the Vlog Press Kit news links seen in the sidebar.


Videobloggers' Calendar :: Keeping a Community Together

Many articles on videoblogging tend to miss the aspect of the cohesive strength of our 2500-member community.

This Google calendar - created by Susan Kirkpatrick and managed by contributors Jay Dedman, Roxanne Darling, Devlon Duthie, Paul Knight, and Jan McLaughlin - is only one tool that helps us keep it together.

We tried any number of calendars, including our email list's native calendar through Yahoo!, but to no avail. Google's seems to be sticking.

Why? Because it's open. Folks to manage it are easily added, and anyone may subscribe.