September 24, 2005

Zadi (Karmagrrrl) Makes the NY Times for Her Music Video / Vlog

Check it out!

"Today, it's the same old song with a different meaning. Two weeks ago, Karmagrrrl, a blogger also known as Zadi, paired the Green Day ballad with television news coverage of Katrina and posted it at her Web site, Her video fits the lyrics like a glove."

Congratulations, Zadi. We're all so very proud of you.


Road Node 101 Announces 10/1 Launch

Road-tripper / vloggers Jan McLaughlin and Randy Mann announce Road Node 101, an experiment in mobile videoblogging teaching units. Enclosed is the press release.

HERE is the official Road Node 101 Calendar / Itinerary.

A kickoff party will be held at the Art Bar
Sunday, September 25, 2005
6 p.m.
8th Avenue @ 12th Street
West Village
Cross Street: West 12th Street
Directions: A, C, E at 14th St; L at Eighth Ave


September 1, 2005

Home Filmmaking Niche Market Statistics

This Press Release from Parks Associates detailing the numbers of U.S. households recording and editing digital video just in from vlogger Deirdre Straughan.

Thanks, Deirdre.


August 31, 2005

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Sullivan Launches

Michael Sullivan, developer of, has recently launched, a Vlogosphere Content Aggregator and Free Hosting Service Provider for Open Content Creators.

The media hosting is made available via a partnership with which is one of the largest digital archives online.

The publishing engine is being beta tested but is currently open to the public to upload creative commons / public domain content and have several generated flavors of XML feeds and playlists. The front-end site aims to provide a vast amount of videoblogging news and media from around the vlogosphere.

Eventually, will sponsor collaborative video projects.


August 25, 2005

We Are The Media - Press Release

Bre Pettis and other vlogstars recently launched an amazing vlognews site: We are the Media. It's quickly joined the short list of websites visited daily.

A great resource for journalists who want to know what's going on today in videoblogging, the site is chock full of things of importance to vloggers.


Los Angeles Meet the Vloggers 9/10/05 @ 3 p.m. - Press Release

Meet the Vloggers in LA. They're hard at work editing, writing, talking new media. It should be an amazing edu-tainment event.

Store Address
Apple Store
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 965-8400

This post is, secondarily, an experiment toward delivering PDF's of vlogosphere press releases via RSS.


August 12, 2005


Andrew Michael Barron is to thank for bringing this rather astonishing image of current media to the vlogosphere's attention.


August 11, 2005

Meet the Vloggers: Boston 8/18 @ 5 pm


Meet the Videobloggers in BOSTON on Thursday August 18th.

This month the Boston videobloggers follow up their previous Dinner
and Brunch meetings with a get together at Rock Bottom Brewery in the
theater district in downtown Boston. [ 5:00 - 7:00 PM ]

We'll be meeting for a few hours just prior to the monthly meeting of the Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group.

This is a drinks and appetizers kind of thing. No video.

I'll be at Rock Bottom to start things off at 5:00. By the bar. With a nice cold one.

The FCP meeting starts at 7:00.

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in joining us.

Rock Bottom Brewery
115 Stuart Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
United States
phone: (617) 742-BREW

Located in the heart of Boston's Historic theatre district on the corner of Stuart and Tremont Streets or The Boylston Stop on the Green Line or the New England Medical Center stop on the Orange Line.

--Steve Garfield
Home Page -
Video Blog -
Text Blog -

Like Paul Revere, leading the citizen's media revolution.


Follow the [Silicon Valley] Money: Podcasting

Ron Bloom and Adam Curry kick podcast-venture-capital butt.

Thanks to r - who muses, "Is vlogging next?" - for the Press Kit tip.


August 10, 2005

L.A. Meet the Vloggers 9/10 @ 3 p.m.

L.A. Meet the Vloggers
Saturday, September 10, 2005

Apple Store
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 965-8400


Veoh Soon to Launch P2P Internet Television Network

Press Contact:
Jen Roberts
Rockstar Communications


– Shelter Capital Partners invests in new Internet service that redefines TV
by allowing anyone to broadcast full-screen, television-quality video –

LA JOLLA, Calif. – August 10, 2005 – Veoh Networks, Inc., the first
Internet Television Peercasting Network, today announced it has
completed a Series A round of financing led by Shelter Capital
Partners. The introduction of Veoh Networks ( creates a
new category of television networks that take advantage of exiting
broadband infrastructure to deliver TV-grade, full-screen video
programming directly from producers to consumers.

Veoh Networks was founded in 2004 by Dmitry Shapiro, a technologist
best known for creating the world's leading P2P security software that
manages more than one million enterprise users, regulating
applications such as BitTorrent and Grokster. Veoh's management and
advisory team also includes executives from Coca-Cola, Columbia
Pictures, eBay, Gateway Computer and Musicmatch.

"Today, thousands of video producers are creating innovative,
entertaining, informative and provocative television content that is
never slotted for broadcast over traditional television networks,"
said Shapiro, also Veoh's CEO. "Veoh provides an open system that
allows producers to distribute their content directly to consumers,
bypassing the traditional hurdles of getting 'picked up' by a major
television network."

Veoh software, installed on consumers' PCs or Macs, creates a virtual
television network that is able to distribute TV-quality, full-screen
broadcast video to hundreds of millions of users with broadband
Internet connections. Motion picture studios, television networks,
organizations and individuals can publish unlimited amounts of
broadcast video content to the network, providing consumers with
unparalleled choice in television programming and control over their
viewing experience.

Veoh utilizes a proprietary, secure P2P network that helps prevent
piracy of content, and makes sure all video content is properly
categorized, of TV-grade quality and always available. Unlike rogue
P2P networks that utilize unmanaged BitTorrent to share mostly pirated
video, Veoh is a community of publishers and consumers, where
published content is approved by editors, and consumers are assured
that they get what they request. The system also integrates tightly
with Google Video and RSS, providing content producers with easy
publishing to multiple video systems.

"We are excited about Veoh's plans to create a marketplace for video
content producers to distribute their work, much like eBay established
a marketplace for individuals and stores to sell their wares," said
Art Bilger, managing partner at Shelter Capital Partners. "There is a
growing market opportunity for such a service, and the Veoh team is
uniquely qualified to deliver on such a grand vision."

A beta version of Veoh's software and service will be available later
this month. Content producers and consumers are encouraged to visit to sign up for notification upon launch.

About Veoh Networks, Inc.
San Diego-based Veoh Networks is the first Internet Television
Peercasting Network, reaching hundreds of millions of viewers with
broadband Internet connections throughout the world. Veoh allows
content producers, from video bloggers (vloggers) to motion picture
studios, to deliver TV-grade, full-screen video directly to consumers,
without financial, geographical or regulatory restrictions found in
traditional broadcasting systems. Veoh is privately held and
venture-capital funded.

# # #


August 5, 2005

Seattle Vlog Teach-In @ University Village Apple Store 8/6

Meet the Vloggers
Bre Pettis interviews vlogger Josh Leo at Vloggercue 2005 in NYC. Photo by vlogger Steve Garfield.


Meet The Vloggers: Learn How To Be Your Own Media Source
A Vlogging Teach-In
University Village Apple Store
Saturday August 6, 2005 3pm

Contact: Bre Pettis
Phone: 206-328-6028
Alternate Phone Number: 206-388-9769 (cell)
URLS: We Are the Media and I Make Things

Seattle, WA

Vlogging is the New Podcasting.

If you think podcasting is cool, wait until you meet the vloggers. Vloggers use video on their blogs. Vloggers make videos of their lives and then share them on the internet. Come down to the Apple Store and meet them and learn how to vlog.

Here are the vloggers who will be teaching you how to vlog:

Bre Pettis is an artist, school teacher and obsessive vlogger. He will be hosting the presentation and teaching the basics of vlog making. Bre vlogs at and founded the blog about vlogs:

Clint Sharp is a Media Maker and hosts his own show “Clint on Tech.” He can be found evangelizing the powers of vlogging at

Melanie Sharp makes video content out of her own life… and her dog's! You can find her vlogs over at

Matt Savarino and Peter Doyle are the brains behind the vlogmap at which maps all the vloggers in the world. They also have a great vlog that documents their adventures in Seattleover at

Pete Grondal gets in people's faces and gets great interviews that you can watch on his feed:


“We are in the midst of a grassroots media revolution that embraces the personal perspective. Vlogging takes the power of the media and puts it into the hands of the people. Vlogging embraces the personal voices of real people in the world. By sharing our lives and our stories through video, we take the media back and give the power to anyone with a video camera and a connection to the internet.” –Bre Pettis

What will be taught at the Meet The Vloggers Teach-In:

Why Vlog?
How do I find vlogs to watch?
How do I get started setting up my own vlog?
What is an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures?

Store Address:
2656 NE University Village Street
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 524-8100


August 4, 2005

We Are the Media Launches New Site

News & information central to the vlogosphere, We Are the Media Launched recently. They've a stellar staff of vloggers at the helm:

* Bre Pettis
* Jennifer Rundle
* Joe Eastham
* Josh Leo
* Markus Sandy
* Steve Garfield

If you want to know what's new in vlogland, this is the place.


August 2, 2005

Talk of the Nation on "Citizen Journalism"

The London bombings, a missing mother, podcasting, and Al Gore's citizen television change the media.

"The evolution of citizen journalism is a double-edged sword." - Neal Conan


Vlog Europe - Amsterdam

September 9 - 18 2005 in Amsterdam - to coincide with IBC - european videobloggers host an international vlog conference.

Be there.


July 22, 2005

New York Television Festival: Independent Television

This just in from Joshua Kinberg:

The New York Television Festival will launch in Manhattan from
September 28th through October 3rd in 2005. As the first creative
festival for the medium, the NYTVF will pioneer the movement of
"Independent Television" and construct a new path for program
development. Writers, directors and producers will be selected from a
national and international grassroots search and given the
unprecedented opportunity to showcase their originally produced Pilot
Programs directly to network and cable executives in a festival

Held in various locations in Manhattan's historic Greenwich Village,
the NYTVF will celebrate television as an institution and an art form,
from its distinguished history with New York City to its role in
contemporary society. In addition to the competitions, the festival
will honor television's rich heritage with classic screenings, panel
discussions, and interactive events paying tribute to the industry and
its impact on American culture.


July 21, 2005

Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman on NPR

Here's their vlog of the interview.

Link to actual interview to follow.


Blogher Conference July 30 2005

July 30 2005

Great news! BlogHer Conference '05 is Saturday, July 30 at TechMart in Santa Clara, California.



Vlogosphere denizens turn to philanthropy. Knowing these folks, I can't imagine they would live otherwise.

Join the discussion HERE.


Vlogger / Podcaster Conference: Podcast Hotel, Portland OR

Dates: September 6-8, 2005
Location: Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon

Thanks and link love to Chuck Toporek at macdevcenter for the lead.


July 20, 2005

Meet The Vloggers - a Digest of International Face-to-Face Vlogger Meetups

Announcing a new site for Vloggers who meet face-to-face.

Vloggers are a gregarious group. We like to hang out in real time and space. Here's a site that lists international meetups.


July 19, 2005

Introducing the Vlogosphere's Online Press Kit

For the ladies & gentlemen of the press corps.

We citizen journalist vloggers know you'd rather be having a cool drink somewhere rather than learning about vlogging in preparation for your piece on the videoblog phenomenon.

In order to make your research as efficient and productive as possible we've aggregated links to the history and definition of videoblogging, extant vlog articles both in the news and in the blogosphere, vlog directories, collected press releases, and finally, to vlog-related soft and hardware.

Welcome to the vlogosphere!