August 5, 2005

Seattle Vlog Teach-In @ University Village Apple Store 8/6

Meet the Vloggers
Bre Pettis interviews vlogger Josh Leo at Vloggercue 2005 in NYC. Photo by vlogger Steve Garfield.


Meet The Vloggers: Learn How To Be Your Own Media Source
A Vlogging Teach-In
University Village Apple Store
Saturday August 6, 2005 3pm

Contact: Bre Pettis
Phone: 206-328-6028
Alternate Phone Number: 206-388-9769 (cell)
URLS: We Are the Media and I Make Things

Seattle, WA

Vlogging is the New Podcasting.

If you think podcasting is cool, wait until you meet the vloggers. Vloggers use video on their blogs. Vloggers make videos of their lives and then share them on the internet. Come down to the Apple Store and meet them and learn how to vlog.

Here are the vloggers who will be teaching you how to vlog:

Bre Pettis is an artist, school teacher and obsessive vlogger. He will be hosting the presentation and teaching the basics of vlog making. Bre vlogs at and founded the blog about vlogs:

Clint Sharp is a Media Maker and hosts his own show “Clint on Tech.” He can be found evangelizing the powers of vlogging at

Melanie Sharp makes video content out of her own life… and her dog's! You can find her vlogs over at

Matt Savarino and Peter Doyle are the brains behind the vlogmap at which maps all the vloggers in the world. They also have a great vlog that documents their adventures in Seattleover at

Pete Grondal gets in people's faces and gets great interviews that you can watch on his feed:


“We are in the midst of a grassroots media revolution that embraces the personal perspective. Vlogging takes the power of the media and puts it into the hands of the people. Vlogging embraces the personal voices of real people in the world. By sharing our lives and our stories through video, we take the media back and give the power to anyone with a video camera and a connection to the internet.” –Bre Pettis

What will be taught at the Meet The Vloggers Teach-In:

Why Vlog?
How do I find vlogs to watch?
How do I get started setting up my own vlog?
What is an RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures?

Store Address:
2656 NE University Village Street
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 524-8100


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