July 20, 2005

Meet The Vloggers - a Digest of International Face-to-Face Vlogger Meetups

Announcing a new site for Vloggers who meet face-to-face.

Vloggers are a gregarious group. We like to hang out in real time and space. Here's a site that lists international meetups.



Randy said...

cool i like it

ro said...

hey jan, link to videoblogging-universe.com already

thanks babe and keep it real

The Faux Press said...

Ummm, videoblogging-universe.com was the first Vlog Directory link I put up. Dude!

ro said...

ohhhh sorry didnt see that link, i must be going blind. but i think its coz i didnt see my button -- i shed a thousand tears last night because of this, i really must go and hydrate now

many thanks and good work jan

The Faux Press said...

Dude, just added the badge image, too.

Suggest hydrating with beer.

Thanks to you for vloguniverse and you're welcome.

All of us must find a way in which to give back to the community, no?