September 24, 2006

Vlog Sustainability :: Have Money Will Vlog Launches Third Project

The Columbia Migration Project is only the most recent Have Money Will Vlog endeavor.

In The Columbia Migration Project, anthropologist Maria Gomez will for four months explore the Columbian Diaspora as now ten percent of Columbians have headed to the United States with presumably many more emigres to come.

Is this migration brain drain, labor drain, or both? It's our hope that Maria will find answers that will open doors of understanding and promote the hearty embrace of a new emigrant population as they find homes here.

This is the most recent of three vlog projects that a group of active, vested members of the Videoblogging community through Have Money Will Vlog (HMWV) have agreed to support with their dollars and social currency.

Jay Dedman in particular fell in love with Maria's concept, and managed to elicit a concensus from the HMWV advocates that Maria's vlog dream was a thing worthy of both its fiscal & social capital.

Can't help but think of HMWV as an economic model for sustainable videoblogging. More than that, it's created a new kind of production company. And as a Hollywood / Television insider (sort of), I can say it is a good thing to have new models. It's time.

Jeff Pulver starts a conversation about vlog-as-entertainment / television with this post that lists research results for "TV Shows Only Available on the Internet."

Lots of the shows Pulver lists turn the idea of television at least on its side if not its head.

More of that upsidedownness, if you please.

The Columbian Migration is more of that.

Thank you.

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