March 25, 2007

Mr. Kinberg is an Artist

I'd no idea that Mr. Kinberg was an artist. Vlogger in the news!
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At the other end of the threat spectrum was Joshua Kinberg, a graduate student at Parsons School of Design and the subject of four pages of intelligence reports, including two pictures. For his master’s thesis project, Mr. Kinberg devised a “wireless bicycle” equipped with cellphone, laptop and spray tubes that could squirt messages received over the Internet onto the sidewalk or street.

The messages were printed in water-soluble chalk, a tactic meant to avoid a criminal mischief charge for using paint, an intelligence report noted. Mr. Kinberg’s bicycle was “capable of transferring activist-based messages on streets and sidewalks,” according to a report on July 22, 2004.


Joshua said...

Hi Jan,

Its true, my roots are in Art. MFA from Parsons in Design and Technology (also where I met Andrew Baron). BikesAgainstBush was also partially funded through an artist's grant from the Franklin Furnace, an avant garde performance art fund in NYC. In fact, they're showing some of the BikesAgainstBush work at an upcoming retrospective:

Joshua said...

posting the link again:
Franklin Furnace Retrospective